The Reborning Process

Imagine a doll so realistic that even the experienced eye can be duped. You think you are seeing or holding a real baby. Such lifelike dolls are known as reborn babies.


Kit reborn My kits are certified and tested phthalate and lead free

Raw Materials

Only top quality products go into the making of my dolls. I use soft vinyl kits from proven artists/sculptors and better-quality fabrics to make the body.

The lifelike result is supple and durable. The example on the right is a closeup of the hands and face of baby Michou.

paint details

Paint Detail

My Workshopmy workshop

Here is where my babies undergo gestation. From conception to birth it is with love, attention to detail and enthusiasm that my reborns slowly take on lifelike characteristics.

Anywhere from eight to ten coats of paint are applied to each vinyl body part.

Blue Wash

To begin with, I apply a blue or green coat of paint to neutralize the color of the original vinyl.



Minute details are meticulously hand painted.

Following each coat of paint, the body parts are heated in an oven to bond the paint to the vinyl, producing a finish that simulates the look and texture of a babies skin.

Heating in the Ovenoven
Nasal Orificenez

Sometimes instead of painting the nostrils, I drill holes and glue a piece of black fabric inside the head. The technique provides greater realism and depth.


After brushing a thin coat of paint on the nails, a french manicure is carefully applied. The surface is then sealed with two coats of varnish to create a natural sheen.


There are several techniques used to give the skin a mottled appearance. My preference is dabbing with a makeup sponge.


A Lifelike Head

Using a special needle, each hair is individually implanted. This stage alone can take from 30 to 60 hours of work. The hair is then sealed with adhesive from the interior. Magnets are placed at strategic locations in the head to hold a pacifier or hair bow. The hair is then cut, washed and styled.


Weighting Body and Limbs

Body parts are filled with tiny glass beads and polyester stuffing to mimick the weight of the body, head and limbs. I then attach the limbs to the body ensuring that the limbs and head move freely.


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