Care of your Reborn Doll

Your reborn baby is durable. If you like your reborn doll and want to keep it as long as possible in good condition, here are a few suggestions:


Ideally, keep it in an enclosed glass case.

If this is not possible, display it in a clean dry location. Moisture and dust are a reborn's worst enemies.

Nicotine and smoke from the kitchen can also cause damage. To ensure its longevity, refrain from exposing it to extremes of cold or heat, such as in your car. Over time, UV radiation can alter the color. Dont leave it in the sun for long periods of time. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

The micro-rooted hair can be gently styled. Brisk brushing can damage the mohair. Style it as you would a newborn. Using an untangler such as Infusium or Johnson's after shampooing will make styling easier in addition to reducing static. You may also style it by moistening your fingers or using a vaporiser as required.

Remove dust regularly. Problem areas such as the eyes, nose, ears and small cracks can be reached easily with a clean blush brush without causing any damage. Avoid rubbing. In case of more stubborn soil, a moist soft cotton cloth may be used on vinyl parts.

In extreme cases, a small amount of mild soap may be added to the water. DO NOT RUB, rubbing may damage the paint or make the vinyl shiny. Never use cleaning chemicals.

Never immerse your reborn doll in water, such immersion would cause irreparable damage by allowing water to seep into the interior of the doll.

The body, made of fabric, is joined to the arms and legs in such a way that the limbs may be placed in various positions. The head can rotate and bob back and forth like that of a real baby and it should be supported as such. Refrain from lifting the baby by a limb.

Abiding by the above suggestions will ensure that your reborn doll will remain in good health to be admired and loved by you, your friends, your children and your grandchildren for decades to come.

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